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Kneipp bath salts are truly pure and sourced from an ancient ocean buried 1,500 feet below the earth's surface.

Unlike epsom salts, these bath salts are completely uncontaminated by environmental pollutants, free of toxins and chemical additives, and rich with trace minerals such as Magnesium, Calcium and Zinc. Combined with the benefits of warm water,

these minerals are known to ease muscles, soften the skin and renew the body.

Kneipp Bath Oils offer curated therapeutic remedies to restore your holistic well-being. Each blend delivers a unique solution to help your body and nourish your skin. Our vegan, plant-based bath oils are blended with essential oils and nourishing oils that really work. Step out of the tub refreshed, renewed and ready to continue your journey.

Kneipp Bubble bath blends combine unique, curated plant and essential oils that naturally work to deliver a therapeutic bath soak with a fun boost of bubbles. Functional ingredients combined with enchanting scents transform your bathing experience in to sweet serenity for the mind and body. Kneipp bubble baths are for women and men alike, offering long-lasting bubbles for a holistic bath experience.

TARA “Remedy Focused” Bath Salts offer truly therapeutic support for every day health concerns.

They’re aptly named for the conditions they address: Immune Booster, Restful Sleep, Stress Release and Citrus Refresher.

Each specifically formulated wellness blend contains therapeutic levels of organic and wild-crafted herbal extracts,

100% pure essential oils, sea minerals, and electrolytes.