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Facial Remedies

Indira Spa & Wellness takes great care in providing results-oriented skin care. If you are visiting us for the first time, your esthetician will provide you with a complete skin analysis and consultation to address any concerns you may have. We customize each of our facial treatments to suit your needs and preferences. Add any of our facial enhancements to create a treatment designed to achieve your desired results.

​​ If you'd like to learn more about our skin care program and our spa before scheduling a treatment, a complimentary skin care consultation is available by appointment.

Skin Care Lotions


Calming – Purifying – Brightening – Hydrating & Anti-Aging


Custom-fit for you. An expert esthetician will select the formulation for you from a range of the finest, holistic-medical skin and wellness solution-based products. Restore radiance and deliver vital nutrients to your skin. All Holistic Facials are customized to address your individual needs.

Suitable for all skin types.  60 min $110


This facial is designed to nurture intolerant skin and reverse the skin’s sensitivity and irritation through promoting and protecting healthy collagen by supporting the skin’s immune function. Reduce red, puffy skin and soothe inflammation. A delightfully pampering facial that will leave your skin visibly smoother and more radiant with an improved barrier. Suitable for all skin types, especially compromised, sensitive skin.


Inspire the skin to detox impurities and control blemishes. A thorough skin analysis utilizing an advanced skin mapping technique is performed to identify potential contributing factors. This skin clarifying treatment encourages a noticeably clearer complexion and better skin function. Light extractions are performed. Suitable for all skin types, especially acneic and problematic skin.


Inspire the skin to feel refreshed and hydrated, while improving suppleness and skin health. Relax and unwind while essential nutrients are delivered deep into the skin’s surface. This lavish, results inspired treatment is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, aging skin.


This brightening facial inspires the skin to organically lighten, preserve natural beauty

and improve elasticity. Address pigmentation concerns with this illuminating, results inspired treatment that is suitable for all skin types, especially dull, sun-damaged skin.

INDIRA Signature Facial​

Experience a Classic European Spa Facial customized to your needs, goals, and skin type. Your esthetician will assess your skin type and design a treatment just for you. This treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, masques, toning, and moisture. Facial therapies to resolve concerns including elasticity, aging, hyper-pigmentation, dry/dehydrated skin, oily skin and more. Includes an aromatic hand or foot wrap.

All skin types​.

90 min  $150 ​

Collagen Fusion Facial Remedy

This treatment is designed using high concentrations of active ingredients designed for maximum absorption to stimulate your skin’s natural ability to produce its own collagen. Rejuvenate the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines with advanced exfoliation and targeted serums. Boost collagen production, increase circulation, improve elasticity and texture, while intensely hydrating your skin.

All skin types.

60 min $140

Simply Organic Facial

Balance and restore your complexion while infusing the tissue with healing herbal ingredients that bathe the skin in moisture while eliminating excess oil. Restore radiance and vitality to the skin.

All skin types.

45 min  $85 ​

Botanical Facial Buff

Energize your skin with a quick facial polish to achieve glowing results. This treatment helps smooth the skin’s texture and reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size. Increase circulation while nourishing and oxygenating at a cellular level. Complete with a serum, soothing masque and moisturizer, all chosen for your skin type. Big results...little time. ​​

Great results for all skin types.

30 min  $60 ​

Eye Tension Relief

Designed to relieve fatigue while promoting circulation and revealing softer, firmer skin in the delicate eye area. An innovative eye treatment that will nourish, tighten, and revitalize the delicate skin around the eye while reducing puffiness and dark circles. 

All skin types.

30 min $60 / $48 w/ Facial Treatment​​​​​​​​​​

Marble Surface

Signature Facial Treatments



Enhance your treatments even further by extending your treatment and adding a customizing touch. These "mini" treatments are available with any of our Facial Treatments.


15 minutes of our signature precision extraction method leaves no pore unturned. Available with your favorite facial protocol. 15 min $25


Add our hydrating, balancing and brightening CBD facial oil to your facial treatment. Formulated with a powerhouse of plant-based oils for the skin including Meadowfoam seed, Chia seed and Sea Buckthorn. Truly for all skin types, this treatment enhancement will reduce redness and inflammation, while encouraging collagen production and reducing dark undereye circles.  $20


An innovative masque that lightens, smooths fine lines and minimizes pores. Replenishes skin's vitality and improve elasticity for an immediate soft and moisturized appearance. Great for dry, sensitive & stressed skin.  $25


This advanced masque is designed especially for loose skin texture around the neck area. Fight aging skin and improve appearance by firming, lifting and moisturizing your skin with this unique treatment.  $25


Natural skin lightening ingredients reduce hyper-pigmentation and inhibit melanin production with the addition of this masque. Balance both tone and texture.  $20 


Restore and highly nourish, tighten and revitalize the delicate skin around the eye while reducing puffiness and dark circles. All skin types.  $12


Reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth. Intense hydration will leave your lips smooth and supple.

All skin types.  $12


Long-lasting colour for your lashes and brows.  Professionally tinted with a colour that suits you perfectly. Define your lashes or brows for a subtle update.              Brow $20   |   Lash $30   |   Both $45   


Give your lashes a wonderful curl, letting your eyes appear larger and more expressive. Unlike mechanical lash curlers, a Lash Lift will gently form the eyelashes with a curl lasting up to 6 weeks. Includes Lash Tint.  $85  


Straighten and tame unruly brows. Brow lamination will lift and shape, giving you beautiful, fluffy and easy to manage brows. Includes tint to accentuate brows further for beautiful definition.  $50  



Revive dry, rough hands and feet. A botanical scrub will soften and renew, followed by a hydrating masque to seal in moisture and protect skin. Complete with a soothing massage to relieve tension in the most used areas of the body. $20



Soothe your hands or feet with this wonderfully therapeutic treatment. Bathe your skin with the healing properties of botanicals and essential oils massaged in prior to a warm paraffin wrap that will increase absorption and deeply relax muscles. A truly nourishing and healing therapy.  $28

Spa Retreats

Immerse yourself in self-care. Indira Spa & Wellness offers spa retreats that will have you glowing inside and out. Enjoy a well-deserved day of relaxation!

Indira Spa & Wellness

We have selected the finest quality products to offer the best professional results, and to extend the benefits of your visit with us. We offer an extensive line of personal care products with the highest quality ingredients and essential oils that not only smell and feel luxurious, but yield effective results with long-lasting benefits. 

Gift Certificates

Indulge your friends, loved ones, and colleagues with a spa gift certificate to Indira Spa & Wellness. Our gift certificates can be purchased in any amount, and they never expire.

Give them what they love.

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