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Relax, heal and renew your body with spa body rituals. These treatments not only allow you a moment to take a deep breath...they increase detoxification, care for the skin and restore balance to the body. Experience these unique and revitalizing treatments while taking care of your body and well being.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
If a spa day is what you have in mind, combine a few treatments to create your own retreat or check out our ​spa packages​​.

Spa Body Rituals


Relax and breathe in the aromatic fragrance of the Provence region of France as your body is gently wrapped in a rich, nourishing cocoon. Natural sun-dried rose clay will provide extreme hydration while healing and protecting your skin.

A truly multi-functional skin renewing body treatment.  $85


Rest in a warming wrap that will stimulate circulation, smooth skin and detoxify all while encouraging absorption of nourishing botanicals. Drift away and relax while fortifying your body with antioxidants and unique herbs that will soothe and protect.  $85


Melt away sore muscles and tired joints while gently lifting away toxins and impurities
with this deeply relaxing heat treatment. The body is enveloped in linens steamed with aromatic herbs to detoxify, help maintain your body's natural balance and promote smooth, healthy skin.  $85

**We highly recommend a massage following this wrap to nourish and relax the muscles. Receive additional therapeutic benefits from your massage therapy following this treatment.   


Journey to the banks of the Dead Sea for a truly invigorating treatment. For a healthy glow... sea salts blended with essential oils and botanicals are massaged over your body for the ultimate exfoliation, then your body is soothed and warmed while you rinse in a private steam shower. Complete with a hydrating moisturizer. This treatment will soften and smooth your skin, stimulate circulation and revitalize your entire well-being. 





Unveil silky skin. This gentle body treatment will refine even the most sensitive of skins without irritation. This spa body treatment indulges you with a full body exfoliation with a pure cane sugar softening body scrub. Then a warming rinse in a private steam shower. Finishing with a nourishing moisturizer. Enjoy soft, smooth and hydrated skin. 




Promote clean, healthy and toned skin. Includes steam and exfoliation to remove impurities and polish away dullness, extractions if needed, and massage to deeply relax. This treatment finishes with a purifying and nourishing masque to leave your back refreshed and revitalized.  $85


Sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy an additional 15 minutes of massage therapy. Add on to any session, focus of your choice, for extended relaxation.  $20



Just for you, breathe deeply and relax in your own shower part of any treatment or all alone. Enjoy a thorough heat treatment or enjoy the health benefits of hot and cold therapy.   $10  ​(Included with some spa treatments.)

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