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march spa specials

Spring Awakening

Spa Retreat

Begin this retreat with a skin softening back scrub to rid
yourself of that itchy, dry skin.  Then a warm, hydrating mud
back masque will hydrate and relax your muscles.  Drift off
with a shoulder, back, neck and foot massage.  Then on to a
season changing facial treatment that will balance and
transition your skin from dull winter skin to the vibrant glow
of spring.  Includes an itch-relieving arm and hand scrub,
massage and hydrating masque to complete this 
                          Spring Awakening Spa Experience.      

Back Scrub - Back Masque - Shoulder, Back, Neck & Foot Massage
Simply Organic Facial, Hand & Arm Treatment 

Only $120


Reg. $48


Only $49

(Reg $75)

Update your look for
Spring and Summer.
Experience new colours and techniques with an hour long 

Makeup Lesson


When skin looks stressed this quick pick-me-up
facial treatment is ideal for all skin conditions. 
Treat tired, lackluster skin.  Addresses skin
aging, dullness, breakouts and sensitivity
simultaneously for a healthy, vibrant glow.







All Spa Promotions Available Now Through March 31, 2016. 

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We wish you well.

Specials available now through March 31, 2016. Cannot be combined with any other specials, packages or promotions. 

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