Ultrasonic Bud Diffusor

Inspired by nature, the Bloomy Lotus Bud Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is a study in innovative design paired with high performance technology. This chic diffuser was inspired by the initial form of flowers which conceals the secret of life transformation. Like a lotus growing from a leaf, our design resembles an outgrowth of life in a new, elegant form—pure and untainted.


The mirrored base of the bud acts like a pond, reflecting the lotus flower while the warm lights penetrating from the Bud exudes life with a layer of mystery. That is also the philosophy of our brand— to enhances one’s daily life through beauty and serenity.The versatile Bud Aroma Diffuser spreads a pure fragrant mist into the air silently while emitting a warm color-changing glow from the integrated LED light to promote an atmosphere of complete serenity.

Ultrasonic Bud Diffusor





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