Restful Sleep Bath Salts

Restful Sleep Bath Therapy Salts
For deep relaxation in preparing for a natural, sound, and peaceful sleep.

  • Mandarin Orange – Calming, soothing, comforting
  • Neroli – Sleepy, hypnotic, relaxing, slows brainwave activity
  • Lavender – Balancing, calming to the nervous system
  • Mace – Relaxing, euphoric, tranquil
  • Tangerine – Dreamy, blissful, antispasmodic
  • Valerian Root – Relaxant, antispasmodic, quieting, mild tranquilizer
  • Poppy Pods – Hypnotic, mellowing, relaxing
  • Mugwort – Soothes brain and nervous system aids digestive disorders, diuretic, stimulates body’s organs and systems

Restful Sleep Bath Salts





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