Arnica Massage Oil

A gentle massage enhances the nourishing and relaxing effects of the KNEIPP® ARNICA MASSAGE OIL - “JOINT & MUSCLE” which has a base of arnica and ginger extracts, shea butter as well as nourishing sunflower oil and moisturizing almond oil. Arnica is the perfect solution to a beneficial massage for easing muscles before and after strenous activity or after dealing with a stressful day in the office. Simply pour the massage oil on your fingers or palm and gently work into the skin with each massage pulse to help the body feel renewed and refreshed.


 Soothe Muscles and Joints 

Our massage oils slowly absorb into the skin allowing you to use less oil and extend your massage without constantly refreshing the oil on your skin. Arnica has been used for centuries for its powers to soothe tired and overworked muscles and joints. The ultimate way to relax those overworked muscles is with a massage oil infused with arnica extract fo warm, invigorate and calm the body and mind.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy offers both physical and mental benefits. It helps to reduce muscle tension, improves circulation, reduces stress, increases joint flexibility and movement and helps cleanse the body from toxins. When you combine massage therapy with the benefits of our plant-based massage oils, the results are taken to a heightened level of relief and relaxation.

Featured Ingredient

Arnica (Arnica Montana)

Arnica is a very versatile plant for athletes, walkers and those who are "on the go" all day. The Arnica Montana Flower extract can help soothe tired muscles.

Sourced Sustainably

The mountain Arnica is a protected plant and can only be collected with permission. At Kneipp, we take great care when it comes to preserving nature and are strongly committed to preservation and the balance of nature.

Arnica Massage Oil





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