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Massage Therapies

Therapeutic massage has a tranquilizing effect while rejuvenating the body and soul. All cultures have used massage in one form or another as a natural healing process, proving that skillful massage is one of the most effective methods of improving the structure and functions of the body as a whole.

Indira Spa & Wellness has a variety of aromatherapy blends for you to choose from to enhance the healing properties while experiencing our massages.


A classic swedish-style massage tailored to your needs, focusing on relaxation and relieving stress. Light to medium pressure will stimulate circulation and nourish muscles to relieve tension and create a heightened sense of well-being.​ 

90 min  $150    |   60 min  $100




A targeted, deep tissue therapy to relieve muscular spasms and pain due to intense stress, work or physical activities. Decrease pain and increase movement and energy. Deliberate and customized to target specific areas of concern for focused therapy.    

90 min  $165    |    60 min  $115 


An enlightenment for the senses. Experience pure tranquility as a sequence of high vibrational essential oils are released like raindrops onto the body to relax and assist in emotional release. Combined with customized massage, this treatment will boost immunity while relieving tension and congestion in the body. Increase detoxification and reduce emotional exhaustion with this unforgettable journey for the senses.  90 min  $160 


Experience the unique therapy hot stones bring to your massage. This ancient healing ritual combines traditional techniques with heat from the stones allowing you to relax into a deeper state while easing muscle tension and promoting well being. A deeply grounding treatment for stress and anxiety and nervous fatigue.           90 min $160   |    60 min $110 


Stress can affect nearly every part of your body. Using a combination of healing techniques such as aromatherapy, swedish and lymphatic massage, this treatment will relieve tension and stress where it's needed the most - the shoulders, back, neck and feet. You'll emerge relaxed and renewed.  45 min  $85


Relax and reduce stress while increasing circulation and range of motion in the area we seem to hold stress the most...our neck and shoulders. Address fatigue, headaches, anxiety and more in this treatment designed to release upper body tension.  30 min  $60


This ancient art of pressure point massage stimulates energy pathways on the feet that correspond to every part of your body. Boost vitality, create balance and enhance healing abilities with this tension relief foot remedy.  30 min  $60  


Nurturing massage designed to reduce stress mentally, physically and spiritually during this special time of transition. A treatment to increase comfort for an expectant mother during the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.   

90 min  $160    |    60 min  $110


Relax in our private suite. Couples, friends and family can enjoy a Tranquility Massage in the same room. Side by side massage provides each person with their own therapist to perform customized bodywork while sharing the experience with a friend or loved one.   


60 min $200 per duo  |  90 min $280 per duo

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