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Special Holiday

Gift Certificate Offers


Spa Packages - Limited Time Offers.


Revitalize & Refresh

With Spa Treatments Designed To 
Brighten Your Spring Season



Flower Essence Facial


Available on Fridays through April 27th.



Tranquility Massage - 60 Minute
 Classic Spa Pedicure


Available on Wednesdays through April 25th.

Refresh. Spring Retreat

Warm Oil Neck & Scalp Massage

75 Minute Tranquility Massage  + Back Masque

Aromatic Botanical Foot Wrap


Eucalyptus Detox Spa Pedicure  

This is one not to miss!

This pedicure delights the senses from the beginning with an aromatic eucalyptus soak.  
A salt and lemon exfoliation brightens the cuticles and softens the heels to refresh and invigorate the feet.  
A minty masque soothes and hydrates, while botanical oils hydrate and relax with therapeutic massage.  
All the basics of the classic pedicure included. Now that’s a true Spa Pedicure!


(Reg $60)


A natural extension of your spa experience — our products offer an everyday solution for luxurious self-care, health and well-being. 

All Spa Promotions Available Now Through April 28, 2018.

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